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Mr. Ankit Dixit


According to our Indian Philosophy, ‘Wealth of Knowledge is supreme among all forms of wealth ‘ therefore knowledge is the greatest thing to be sought after. Only the human being is called the supreme creature of this universe due to his organic capacity to think and seek knowledge.
Long-Long ago the great scientist Newton had said ‘’ I am like a child ,who is picking pebbles at sea-shore while the great ocean of knowledge lies before me.’’ Unfortunately, meaning and purpose of literacy and education is misunderstood. Now-a-days Students are addicted to mug up the facts than they try to understand the things practically. They study to get the degrees and awards. Yet bookish knowledge and award of degrees through formal education neither serves any purpose nor lead the people to get employed gainfully.
A well planned and sound system of education inspires human being to control their sense, mind and intellect so that they could be adjusted better in the real life’s environment. It guides people to achieve their goals within time and cost parameters and to channelize their efforts towards desired direction.
School plays a very significant role in our lives. Schooling provides the base of education ; it also opens the doors of knowledge.
In fact the schools are the backbones of any Nation . So we take it as a challenge and promise to give the best platform having a positive and a competitive environment so that the students of SCS understand the real motive of education and lead the society as well as make our nation strong. Our single motive is only to make the students a learned and a good human being having full of values. We see our students a successful person in the mirror of future. We hope that they will flourish certainly under the shed of SCS.

Mr. Ankit Dixit